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Shoya with Droid


I was born in Yamaguchi, Japan. It's just one of the rural prefectures. The puffer-fish sashimi is really good tho!

When I was 15, I decided to go to The National Institute of Technology, Tokuyama College just because I felt that computer technologies are cool. I went there for 7 years until 22 and got B.S in Electrical and Computer Engineering there. I had lots of fun learning electrics and computer engineering.

Then I moved to Tokyo to go to Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo for my masters' in Computer Science and Engineering. I would say the first year there was one of the most fun and exciting time of all my life. I enjoyed writing lots of code in various programming languages, building/maintaining networks/servers, and attending coding/security contests. The second year was pretty rough because of a a research project and its thesis, which was required to graduate. I was the fattest at that time throughout all my life as I was stress-eating. During the masters, I had two jobs; one is as a network engineer at National Astronomical Observatory of Japan and the other is as a research assistant at IIJ Innovation Institute Inc. Both of them were awesome experiences.

After graduation, I worked at Rakuten in Tokyo for 3 years. I joinedRakuten Travel, which is an online travel agency like My team was in charge of providers' (hotels, airlines, buses, rental-a-cars, etc.) inventory search platform and backend APIs related to it. I'm glad I joined the company as I gained the fundamental skills and experiences as a software enginner there. I also joined (well, technically co-founded) a startup, Kamereo, in Vietnam. At that time it offered a BtoB EC site targetting the food industory. I was one of the 2 software engineers and both of us worked from Japan. I left both of the companies when I came to U.S. for my marriage.

After getting a work permit, I started working at Facebook (Meta). I joined corp infrastructure toolings team. Our main customer was storage team and we worked on inventory management, config management, and audit/alerting toolings together. I also worked on a crutial service for network automation. This service was acting as a wrapper of a 3rd party system to enhance its functionalities. I made this service modern, secure, performant, and easy to onboard.

Now I work at Google. My team streamlines marketing processes that Google marketers need to go through. There are tons of problems to solve but all the stakeholders vigorously engage with designers/engineers to come up with solutions. It feels a bit like a start-up environment where you need to move fast and ship tons of features. I've been enjoying it.